Athlete Clinics Underway

Watching the athletes and clinicians of the Level 9 & up athlete clinic hosted by Boerne Gymnastics Center last weekend, it was obvious that the 2015 season is just around the corner! Still months away from their first local meet, teams across the state are clearly making steady progress towards the season.

Clinicians worked with athletes in small groups, focusing on skills, choreography and dance. Groups from Boerne Gymnastics Center, Gymnastics of San Antonio, and Acrobatic Gymnastics of San Antonio were in attendance, with groups ranging in skill level from level 9 through senior elite. At the conclusion of the day, Texas Acro president, Michelle Merwarth, reminded the attendees that as competitors at the highest levels in the sport, they are the leaders in the Texas Acro community and encouraged them to be positive role models.

“It was fun working with the clinicians and getting to see friends from other teams,” said 12-year old trio base, Abigail Rosilier. Many of the athletes in attendance have competed in the sport for many years and have developed friendships with fellow acrobats across the state, region and country through training camps and competitions.

Two additional clinics will be help in upcoming weeks for levels 5-6 and levels 7-8.


Zoe, Allison & Sheridan – AGSA

Jordan, Lexi & Liz – AGSA

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