Stone, Carr

12-18 Mixed Pair

2016-17 International Club Team

Club Texas Academy of Acrobatics and Gymnastics (TAAG)
Coached by Anna Smirnova, Maksim Chulkov, Tatiana Dushyna, Lynzie Stracner
Years together 3
Regional/National Results 2016 Regional & National Champions
Group’s goal in Acro Our goal in acro would be to be strong competitors not just nationally but internationally and one day compete at Worlds.

Allyson Stone

Position Top
Age 12
Years in Acro 5
Background before Acro Before acro, I was just a Level 3 artistic gymnast. I have continued my artistic gymnastics career and am now a Level 9 artistic gymnast coached by Valeriy Goncharov, Olympic Champion. I have a love for both disciplines (acro and artistic) and I love to compete
Goal after Acro I have so many plans after acro! I want to attend college and continue my artistic gymnastics career. To compete gymnastics at a college level would be amazing. I would also love to work with the Cirque du Soleil. Performance is a part of me and I want to one day be on stage. After all of that, then I would like to open and run my own, highly competitive, gymnastics facility.
Additional Info I am the daughter of Jennifer and Greg Stone. My father passed away when I was young and I believe I put all that energy into my gymnastics. Many times when I am performing, I’m dancing for my dad. I want to help other kids accomplish and achieve goals even though they may not have had a typical childhood like my own. I want to teach kids how to take that sadness and make it into something positive.

Trenton Carr

Position Base