Oct 05

Texas Acro headed to Caguas

Sixteen Texas Acrobats will be part of the USA and Mexico delegations competing this weekend in the 1st Acrobatic Gymnastics Pan American Championship, to be held Oct 9 – 11, 2015, in Caguas, Puerto Rico. In addition to Texas, USA Gymnastics will be sending acrobats from California and Maryland. Other countries represented will be Puerto Rico, Brazil and Canada.

The Pan American Championship is an exciting addition in the sport of acrobatics, creating for the first time a continental championship event in the Americas. Similar events are held in Europe and Asia, bringing together national champions from many countries to compete on a international field prior to the biennial World Championships. Many in the world of acrobatic gymnastics see this as an important step towards the goal of seeing acrobatics in the Olympic Games.

The Texas Acro contingent for the Pan American Championships include:


May 13

Follow TX Acro in Geneva

Team USA at Geneva International Acro Cup & FIG World Cup

Team USA Participants

  • GIAC 11-16 Women’s Group : Amanda Schrader, Holland Koller & Julia Shrader (1CLASS, Maryland)
  • GIAC 13-19 Women’s Group : Emma Bentov-Lagman, Cristin Connerney & Lily Dyer (1CLASS, Maryland)
  • GIAC 13-19 Mixed Pair : Mady Marlow & Alex McGraw (AGSA, Texas)
  • GIAC 13-19 Mixed Pair : Aisley Boynton & Maxim Sekochenkkov (REALIS, California)
  • GIAC Senior Women’s Group : Mila Segel, Londrea Garett & Josephina Kievsky (EAGC, Maryland)
  • FIG World Cup Women’s Pair: Maren Merwarth & Jessica Renteria (AGSA, Texas)
  • FIG World Cup Mixed Pair: Kiley Boynton & Ryan Ward (REALIS, California)

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FIG World Cup home page:



GIAC Acro Cup home page:


Video feed:


Schedule with local times in Texas

start lists with exact times are posted on the video feed page

Wednesday, May 13th – Training

8:00 – 10:00 (1:00 – 3:00 am CDT) : USA Training

Thursday, May 14th – Qualifications

10:39 (3:39 am CDT) : GIAC 11-16 Qualifications
> Amanda, Holland, Julia (balance) 11:12 (4:12 am CDT)
14:03 (7:03 am CDT) : GIAC 13-19 Qualifications
> Mady, Alex (balance) 14:09 (7:09 am CDT)
> Aisley, Max (balance) 14:21 (7:21 am CDT)
> Emma, Cristin, Lily (dynamic) 14:36 (7:36 am CDT)
14:33 (7:33 am CDT) : GIAC Senior Qualifications
> Mila, Lonnie, Jo (balance) 15:03 (8:03 am CDT)
16:00 (9:00 am CDT) : World Cup Qualifications
> Maren, Jessica (dynamic) 16:28 (9:28 am CDT)
> Kiley, Ryan (dynamic) 17:00 (10:00 am CDT)
18:15 (11:15 am CDT) : Opening Ceremonies

Friday, May 15th – Qualifications

10:21 (3:21 am CDT) : GIAC 11-16 Qualifications
> Amanda, Holland, Julia (dynamic) 11:42 (4:42 am CDT)
13:48 (6:48 am CDT) : GIAC 13-19 Qualifications
> Mady, Alex (dynamic) 13:54 (6:54 am CDT)
> Aisley, Max (dynamic) 14:00 (7:00 am CDT)
> Emma, Cristin, Lily (balance) 14:03 (7:03 am CDT)
14:18 (7:18 am CDT) : GIAC Senior Qualifications
> Mila, Lonnie, Jo (dynamic) 14:42 (7:42 am CDT)
16:00 (9:00 am CDT) : World Cup Qualifications
> Maren, Jessica (balance) 16:28 (9:28 am CDT)
> Kiley, Ryan (balance) 16:56 (9:56 am CDT)

Saturday, May 16th – Finals

9:30 (2:30 am CDT) : GIAC 11-16 Finals
> Amanda, Holland, Julia (dynamic) 9:42 (2:42 am CDT)
11:50 (4:50 am CDT) : GIAC 13-19 Finals
> Mady, Alex (dynamic) 12:05 (5:05 am CDT)
> Emma, Cristin, Lily (balance) 12:09 (5:09 am CDT)
> Aisley, Max (dynamic) 12:11 (5:11 am CDT)
12:14 (5:14 am CDT) : GIAC Senior Finals
> Mila, Lonnie, Jo (dynamic) 12:23 (5:23 am CDT)
14:00 (7:00 am CDT) : World Cup Finals
> Maren, Jessica (balance) 14:30 (7:30 am CDT)
> Kiley, Ryan (balance) 14:36 (7:36 am CDT)

Feb 28

Texas Acro Kicks Off Season with International Flair

The first Texas Acro meet of the season served also as the debut of international acro competition in the state. The WOGA Classic Gymnastics Invitational, hosted by WOGA Frisco, included Acro competition for levels 5 through senior elite. The WOGA Classic has long featured an artistic international elite session, but the introduction of acro elite competition was a first for the event.

Gymnasts from across the state, the country and even from across the pond participated in the meet. In addition to five Texas Acro teams (AGSA, AHGA, BGC, KAF and WOGA), the meet featured teams from California (ATA, REALIS), Louisiana (LBSC), Nevada (ALV) and Great Britain (SPEL).

Acrobats from Great Britain’s Spelthorne Gymnastics Club treated the artistic international elite session’s audience to an exhibition of “Jungle” choreographed by Ellie Cooper.

Standout performances in the international & elite competition included a breathtaking performance by reigning Great Britain 11-16 women’s group champions Smith, Munday and Reynolds (SPEL) who won the gold with a 28.25 on their dynamic routine in the finals. The 11-16 women’s pair category was a nail biter, with Texas’ own Price & Edwards (AGSA) edging out two beautiful pairs from Great Britain to top the podium with a 27.85 on their balance routine. Two other crowd pleasers were the crisp and dynamic 11-16 men’s pair of Windows & Gray (SPEL) scoring 28.55 on their balance routine and the dramatic 11-16 mixed pair of Cowler & Jaggers (SPEL) with a 27.85 on their dynamic routine.

Senior elites were represented by mixed pair Williams & Osborne (REALIS) who captured gold with a 77.40 all around, and by Texas Acro’s women’s pair Merwarth & Renteria (AGSA) who delivered a solid 81.21 on their three routines. Junior elite 13-19 women’s pair champions were Servellon & Vachon (ATA) and the junior elite 12-18 champions included women’s pair Williamson & Chimwala (WOGA), mixed pair Webb & Osborne (WOGA), and women’s group Delgado, Foster & Kickirillo (AGSA).

Full results from the competition are posted in our Meet Results section. Photos provided courtesy of Lisa Estep for Texas Acro. Copyright 2105 Lisa Estep. Please include photography credit if reposted.