Acro Videos for Sale

Mr Video has been video taping the Acrobatic Gymnastics Nationals since before the USAG merger when the organization was known as the USSA. About 10 years of Nationals. All levels available in either VHS or DVD.

Training Blocks

Looking for Acro Blocks? Email to order some! He ships worldwide!

Acro Medals for Local Meets

Hasty Awards, has an online catalogue through whom you may purchase medals for your local meets that have actual Acrobatic Gymnastics as the image on the medal.

Acro Medals for State & Regional Meets

A-1 Awards is at this number: 1-317-546-9000. These are USAG logo medals that are required for presentation of USAG State and Regional meets. Because they are USAG logo medals, if you order too many you can return them for a refund.

Competition Leotards Used by Many Acro Clubs

Beautiful leotards from Canada can be ordered from Illusions Leotards.

Another well known and established company used by all gymnastics is Alpha Factor located in Pennsylvania.

An Oklahoma based company, Gym Divas.

Another Canadian company, Jagwear

Currently a sponsor of USAG Acrobatic Gymnastics GK Elite Sportswear.