May 02

Acro Exhibition at NCATA National Championships

A Texas Acro trio performed an exhibition routine last weekend at the 2012 National Collegiate Acrobatics & Tumbling Association (NCATA) National Championships at Baylor University. The women’s group of Abigail Rosilier, Jessica Campbell and Aubrey Rosilier train at USAAA in San Antonio under the direction of Jennifer Banowsky and Sarah Longi. The girls were excited to perform in front of a crowd that wasn’t generally familiar with acrobatic gymnastics but could appreciate the grace and skill of the sport.

Aubrey Rosilier, Abby Rosilier & Jessica Campbell perform at NCATA National Championships

Acrobatics & Tumbling is a growing collegiate sport that is currently working towards emerging sport status with the NCAA. To date NCAA member institutions have invested millions of dollars in athletic scholarships for their Acrobatics & Tumbling programs, and new programs are being established at universities around the country. According to NCATA, “Acrobatics and Tumbling is a derivative of [the] power of gymnastics, the uniqueness of competitive cheer, the balance and grace of acrobatics.”

The Oregon Ducks held on to the national title for the second year in a row, beating out the Maryland Tarpins for the honors. Baylor University, under the direction of head coach LaPrise Harris-Williams, is the only Texas university with an Acrobatics & Tumbling program.

Apr 25

Texas Acro members of Team USA at Worlds 2012

Texas was proud to send six athletes to represent Team USA at the 2012 World Age Group Championships held in Orlando, FL, April 20-22, 2012. This was the first time the event has been held outside of Europe since it’s inception.

All six Texas athletes train with AGSA in San Antonio, TX under the direction of Vladimir Vladev and Michelle Merwerth.

Left to right Lillian Robertson, Jessica Renteria, Kitty Davis, Vladimir Vladev, Maren Merwarth, Katarina Partalas and Taylor Mayo.

The women’s pairs of Maren Merwarth & Kitty Davis and Katarina Partalas & Taylor Mayo both had strong performances in the 11-16 age group preliminaries, finishing in 5th and 8th place respectively out of 31 pairs. Since only one pair is allowed to qualify to finals from each county, Merwarth & Davis advanced and finished in 5th place overall.

The junior elite women’s pair of Lillian Robertson & Jessica Renteria also had a solid performance, finishing in 12th place in the 12-19 age group.

Also competing in Orlando from AGSA was the 11-16 age group women’s pair of Ana Caballero Gonzalez and Isabella Melendez de Alba who represented Team Mexico.

Apr 18

TX Acro coaches spread Acro love

BGC coaches Rumen & Radostina Lachkov have been strong proponents of spreading the sport of Acrobratic Gymnastics throughout regions of the USA as well as the world. Their love for the sport is contagious and it shows! Check out this article published by FIG about the Lachkov’s mentorship of the fledgling Columbian acro team…

TX Acro coach Rumen Lachkov with the Columbian men's pair at Worlds 2012