Aug 07

Congratulations Texas Future Stars!

We are so excited to see so many Texas Acro pair/groups on the 2022 Future Stars roster! Congratulations to these athletes, coaches and parents on your achievement!

Special thanks to Lisa Estep for capturing these athletes in action!

Acrobatic Gymnastics of San Antonio (AGSA)

Borene Gymnastics Center (BGC)

Gymnastics of San Antonio (GOSA)

World Olympic Gymnastics Academy (WOGA)

The Future Stars program is intended to identify talented athletes exhibiting a strong caliber and quality participating in the JO Track (Levels 8, 9, & 10) and encourage their continuation and growth in Acrobatic Gymnastics program. Evaluation will occur annually at USA Gymnastics Championships and be completed by a Future Stars Committee. Future Stars athletes will be invited to attend a Future Stars Training Camp. This program will help to support both athletes and their coaches by providing dedicated training and education opportunities at this annual training camp. The goal is to recognize up-and-coming athletes and focus on developing skills to progress to the elite levels. This program does not include international competition opportunities.

May 06

Congratulations Class of 2022!

Every year Texas Acro is proud to recognize the graduating seniors in our sport. These athletes have been involved with acrobatic gymnastics for many years and we wish them the best as they head on to the next chapter of their lives. We are so thankful to have role models like these young athletes for our up and coming acrobats!

From Acrobatic Gymnastics of San Antonio:

Trinity Knapp

  • Trinity has been in gymnastics for 11 years, and 7 of those have been in acro
  • She is currently a base in a Level 10 trio with Maddy Jenson and Jada Lea
  • Trinity will be graduating Cum Laude.  She has been a member of the orchestra since 5th grade.   She is an accomplished cello player currently performing in the varsity orchestra. She has attended many UIL competitions and has lettered for her hard work. 
  • She plans to continue with Acro pursuing her dream to go as far as she can.  She will also take college classes at UTSA or SAC. 

Feb 28

Viewing Information for 2022 Worlds

Team USA delegations will be participating in both the World Age Group Competition (WAGC) and World Championship (WCH) in Baku, Azerbaijan. The WAGC competition is for Jr Elite 12-18 and 13-19 age groups. The WCH is for Sr Elite only.

Note that this year there is a change to the competition format for the seniors at WCH. In addition to all-around finals with athletes performing their combined routines, there will also be individual exercise finals for both the balance and dynamic routines. This means pair/groups have the chance to qualify to three different finals and earn three different medals! The juniors at WAGC will still compete balance and dynamic routines during qualifications and have only one all-around final with their combined routines.

Event Websites

Main website:

FIG websites:

We also recommend following the event social media accounts for updates: 

Live Feed

A live feed and live scoring during the WAGC will be available at the website link below:

Following the WCH will be a little different than following WAGC. Generally, qualifications are live streamed on the same link used for the WAGC and qualification routines are posted on the FIG YouTube channel shortly after they are performed. This year there does not seem to be an official livestream for the qualifications rounds except on local television and some live coverage on the @azegymnastics Instagram account.

Finals are live-streamed on the FIG YouTube channel, but the stream is geoblocked in different regions based on broadcasting rights. If you have trouble accessing the live stream, you can try using a VPN to access the FIG livestream from a different region.

In the USA, broadcasting rights are owned by NBC and finals are usually shown on the Olympic Channel as a time delayed replay.

Competition Schedule

All times listed are in the Azerbaijan Standard Time (Greenwich Mean Time + 4) with Central Standard US time in parentheses. For assistance with time zone conversions, we recommend this website:

Competition times for finals will be determined after the qualifications are complete. Times are approximate and also can change due to scratches, so always tune in early to be sure you don’t miss anything!

Last update: 3/8/22 2:58 pm CST

Thursday, March 3 – WAGC Qualifications Day 1 (Jr Elite 12-18)

  • (12:07 am) 10:07 – Savannah/Andrew
  • (1:30 am) 11:30 – Vlad/Davis
  • (1:54 am) 11:54 – Bethany/Trent
  • (4:07 am) 14:07 – Abigail, Cate, Cecelia
  • (4:38 am) 14:38 – Ava, Mia
  • (5:37 am) 15:37 – Olivia, Evelynn, Aranel
  • (7:00 am) 17:00 – Ayla, Ally

Friday, March 4 – WAGC Qualifications Day 2 (Jr Elite 12-18) & Qualifications Day 1 (Jr Elite 13-19)

  • (12:28 am) 10:28 – Savannah, Andrew
  • (12:45 am) 10:45 – Vlad, Davis
  • (1:17 am) 11:17 – Bethany, Trent
  • (5:14 am) 15:14 – Olivia, Evelynn, Aranel
  • (5:32 am) 15:32 – Ava, Mia
  • (5:39 am) 15:39 – Ayla, Ally
  • (6:28 am) 16:28 – Abigail, Cate, Cecelia
  • (7:53 am) 17:53 – Amaya, Jaylen

Saturday, March 5 – WAGC Finals (12-18) & Qualifications Day 2 (Jr Elite 13-19)

  • (12:38 am) 10:38– Ariana, Mo
  • (1:34 am) 11:34 – Sydney, Willow
  • (1:58 am) 11:58 – Gia, Sarah, Grace
  • (3:47 am) 13:47 – Amaya, Jaylen
  • (6:16 am) 16:16 – Ayla, Ally (WP Finals)
  • (7:34 am) 17:34 – Vlad, Davis (MP Finals)
  • (8:28 am) 18:28 – Olivia, Evelynn, Aranel (WG Finals)

Sunday, March 6 – WAGC Qualifications Day 3 & Finals (Jr Elite 13-19)

  • (12:52 am) 10:52 – Sydney, Willow
  • (1:49 am) 11:49 – Gia, Sarah, Grace
  • (1:53 am) 11:53 – Ariana, Mo
  • (5:42 am) 15:42 – Sydney, Willow (WP Finals)
  • (7:10 am) 17:10 – Amaya, Jaylen (MxP Finals)

 Thursday, March 10 – WCH Qualifications Day 1

  • (1:14 am) 11:14 – Cierra, Katie
  • (1:45 am) 11:45 – Angel, Braiden
  • (4:03 am) 14:03 – Isabel, Maria, Sydney
  • (4:31 am) 14:31 – Cassidy, Eily, Victoria
  • (6:11 am) 16:11 – Ethan, Sam, Cade, Dorian
  • (6:53 am) 16:53 – Angel, Braiden
  • (7:04 am) 17:04 – Cierra, Katie

Friday, March 11 – WCH Qualifications Day 2 & Finals Day 1

  • (1:15 am) 11:15– Cassidy, Eily, Victoria
  • (1:22 am) 11:22– Isabel, Maria, Sydney
  • (2:32 am) 12:32 – Ethan, Sam, Cade, Dorian
  • (6:00 am) 16:00WCH Combined Finals
  • (6:08 am) 16:08 – Cierra, Katie (WP finals)
  • (7:01 am) 17:01 – Angel, Braiden (MP finals)
  • (7:36 am) 17:36 – Cassidy, Eily, Victoria (WG finals)
  • (8:34 am) 18:34 – Ethan, Sam, Cade, Dorian (MG finals)

Saturday, March 12 – WCH Finals Day 2

  • (6:00 am) 16:00WCH Exercise Finals Balance – WP, WG, MG Dynamic – MP, MxP
  • (6:04 am) 16:04 – Cierra, Katie (WP balance finals)
  • (6:49 am) 16:49 – Angel, Braiden (MP dynamic finals)
  • (7:20 am) 17:20 – Cassidy, Eily, Victoria (WG balance finals)
  • (8:10 am) 18:10 – Ethan, Sam, Cade, Dorian (MG balance finals)

Sunday, March 13 – WCH Finals Day 3

Daylight Savings Time begins in the USA at 2:00 am

  • (7:00 am) 16:00 WCH Exercise Finals Balance – MP, MxP Dynamic – WP, WG, MG
  • (7:08 am) 16:08 – Cierra, Katie (WP dynamic finals)
  • (7:45 am) 16:45 – Angel, Braiden (MP balance finals)
  • (8:12 am) 17:12 – Cassidy, Eily, Victoria (WG dynamic finals)
  • (9:11 am) 18:11 – Ethan, Sam, Cade, Dorian (MG dynamic finals)

Team USA Delegation – WAGC

13-19 Age Group

  • Jaylen Ivey of San Jose, Calif., and Amaya Rogers of Campbell, Calif., both from WestCoast Training Center
  • Mo Arthur of Rolla, Mo., and Ariana Katsov of Owensville, Mo., both from Mid America Acro Tumbling
  • Willow Rose Noble and Sydney Padios both of Moreno Valley, Calif./Realis Gymnastics Academy
  • Gia Calo and Sarah Wilson of Annapolis, Md., and Grace Wright of Harwood, Md., all from International Elite

12-18 Age Group

  • Davis Leavitt of Las Vegas, Nev., and Vlad Studwell of Henderson, Nev., both from AGC Las Vegas
  • Andrew Castro of Riverside, Calif., and Savannah Stagno of Yucaipa, Calif., both from Realis Gymnastics Academy
  • Trent Stoker of Spring Branch, Texas, and Bethany Strawn of Laguna Hills, Calif., both from Acrobatic Gymnastics of San Antonio
  • Mia Alvarez of Riverside, Calif., and Ava Cabana of Grand Terrace, Calif., both from Realis Gymnastics Academy
  • Allyson Stone and Ayla Vargas, both of San Antonio, Texas/Acrobatic Gymnastics of San Antonio
  • Olivia Green of Silver Spring, Md., Evie Plummer of San Antonio, Texas, and Aranel Prevost of Garrett Park, Md., all from Xtreme Acro
  • Catherine Lacy of Columbia, Md., Abigail Novoseletskiy of Baltimore, Md., and Cecelia Shadrick of Ellicott City, Md., all from Emilia’s Acro Gymnastics and Cheer

Team USA Delegation – WCH

Men’s Pair

  • Angel Felix, Moreno Valley, Calif., and Braiden McDougall, Riverside, Calif., both from Realis Gymnastics Academy

Women’s Pair

  • Katie Borcherding of Pacific, Mo., and Cierra McKown of Riverside, Calif., both from Realis Gymnastics Academy

Men’s Group

  • Ethan Chang, Sam Lacy and Cade Shields of Columbia, Md., and Dorian White of Castro Valley, Calif., all from Emilia’s Acro Gymnastics and Cheer

Women’s Group

  • Victoria Blante of Hayward, Calif., Eily Corbett of Danville, Calif., and Cassidy Cu of Castro Valley, Calif., all from WestCoast Training Center
  • Isabel Chang of Columbia, Md., Sydney Martin of Glenwood, Md., and Maria Wooden of Derwood, Md., all from Emilia’s Acro Gymnastics and Cheer