Nationals Factoids

Here are a few fun factoids about how much Texas Acro rocked the 2014 USA Gymnastics Championships!

  • Of the 165 Gold/Silver/Bronze medals awarded, 45 went to Texas Acro (that is just over 27%)
  • Texas was the state with the second highest number of athletes sent to the championships: 142 acrobats representing 22% of the field
  • In the Jr and Sr Elite category, Texas is home to 11 of the 52 athletes, which is 21% of the field
  • Texas had 5 pair/groups named to the Acrobatic Gymnastics Development Team
  • Texas is home to the 2014 JO Coach of the Year
  • Every one of the 8 Texas clubs represented at the championships finished in top 3 of at least one event

Congratulations on a great showing!

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